Home for the Holidays - TLC Year End Giving Campaign

We will continue our mission until every child diagnosed with cancer can spend their holidays where they belong… home.

Your support allows the Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation to continue our mission against childhood cancer by investing in only the most innovative research, and providing financial support to families faced with a childhood cancer diagnosis.


The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation (EIN: 45-1858390) funds innovative research and clinical trials specifically geared toward the treatment of the most aggressive childhood cancers.  In 2016, the "TLC for Families" program was launched after receiving a generous grant from our charity partners at Team Continuum in order to help provide financial support to families, as well.  


With your help, we fund projects that hold the promise of transforming the standard of care for the most aggressive cancers that are unique to children, with a strong (but not limited) focus on brain and spinal cord malignancies. We feel a tremendous responsibility toward making sure our efforts positively impact children who are in treatment today. In addition to a dedicated team of researchers and medical advisors who advise us on investments, we have partnered with powerful institutions who are making tremendous strides toward better treatment options for childhood cancer.


Launched in 2016, the "TLC for Families" program provides financial support to applicants who are experiencing financial stress as a result of a pediatric cancer diagnosis. TLC family grants are distributed in flat amounts of $1,000 per family, and with your support we can help more families before the end of the year!

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